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About Us

We are a local family business covering South East London, we specialize in high-quality loft conversions and other building works.  Finding a reliable and trustworthy building company can be difficult but we often build long term relationships with our clients and deal with all their building needs time and time again. We aim to work closely with you and your family to provide solutions and give you the home you have always wanted


Office TEAM

We're here in the background, working hard to ensure your project is all set up ready to start, but also there throughout the project and there for you if you need anything after completion



 Urlsan, our in house structural engineer  plays a crucial role in our team. He is responsible for providing GA drawings, Structural Engineer plans, structural analysis, and planning application submissions for our clients. His technical expertise and attention to detail ensure that our projects are executed with precision and meet all necessary regulations. Urlsan's contribution ensures that our clients' visions are transformed into reality smoothly and within the given parameters.


Project manager

Michal brings years of experience and expertise to his role as your site manager. With a strong background in construction, renovations, and project management, he is skilled at overseeing the efficient and effective execution of tasks, and is your first port of call for site related queries.  His dedication and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to our team and our clients. Michal is a natural leader and is always ready to lend a helping hand to his teams and customers and will conduct on site weekly meetings with you to ensure that the project is running smoothly.  



Although our business has grown considerably over the years we have retained our approachable family-friendly feel and many of our clients aren't just clients but also friends and I think that says a lot about the service we offer compared to our competitors.

James Taylor, Director

To meet with a client, discuss their needs and ideas and then transfer that into the final product is always challenging but always extraordinary to see the impact it can have for families.

Alexander Taylor, Managing Director

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