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Ensure you are prepared to start works


Party Walls

Our customers must ensure all party wall agreements (if applicable) are in place prior to starting work. We do not provide services regarding party wall agreements, but we can always advise you as to whether one is required and the options that are available to you. We also have a recommended party wall surveyor for whom we can provide details if further guidance and advice is required. For your loft conversion, ideally, your party wall notices should be served 2 months prior to work commencing. An extension requires a 1-month notice period. However, you will need to provide your structural foundation details to your neighbours.


Party Wall Surveyors and other professionals charge on average £100 per notice, but you can serve the relevant documents for free yourself, and sometimes a more informal approach is helpful. Examples of letters can be found on the Government Party Wall Page. You can also use the online generator to create the 2-part printable documents. For further information, follow the links below

Governments Party Wall Page

Governments Party Wall Booklet

Online notice generator 

Click on *Notice of Adjacent Excavation for extensions and *Party Structure Notice for lofts.



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