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Ideal Home of The Year Winner 2022

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A big congratulations to our clients Jeremy and Susanne, who have won the Ideal Home of the Year 2022.


Our journey to constructing their perfect home was not without obstacles, especially considering the difficulties posed by the pandemic. Nonetheless, Jeremy and Susanne's vision and our team's dedication, combined with the architect expertise of Jeremy's father Dennis, played a crucial role in actualising their dreams.

Ground floor

A significant transformation occurred on the ground floor of their home. Initially, the dining room had no connection to their beautiful garden, and the kitchen and dining room were separate. However, through collaboration with architect Dennis, we successfully created an open-plan layout that seamlessly integrated these spaces. The addition of skylights and sliding doors flooded the area with natural light, offering stunning views of the garden.


Continuing to the loft, a complete demolition of the existing structure was necessary. The rooms had low ceilings and insufficient lighting, so a decision was made to start anew, constructing a loft with increased height. Now, Jeremy and Susanne have the pleasure of a rooftop deck where they can relax, bask in sunlight, and enjoy breathtaking garden views.

Bathroom, deck and bedroom

Another notable enhancement was made in the bathroom area. The outdated 1970s pink and green decor was promptly replaced with a contemporary and stylish design. The newly revamped bathroom now serves as a tranquil sanctuary, providing a serene and modern space for relaxation.

The exceptional work and dedication poured into this project have not gone unnoticed. Jeremy and Susanne's home underwent an extraordinary transformation, leading them to be recognised and awarded the esteemed title of Ideal Home of the Year 2022. This prestigious accolade truly reflects their impeccable taste, thoughtful design choices, and commitment to creating an exceptional living environment. We at Taylored Lofts are so pleased to have been a part of this.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jeremy and Susanne for this well-deserved achievement. May their dream home bring them a lifetime of happiness and contentment. Their story serves as an inspiration to aspiring homeowners, showcasing that with a clear vision, unwavering perseverance, and the right team, any dream can become a reality.

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